About Us

About the Team

When you select RealtimeCRM to manage your company data you will have the support of our dedicated, in-house professionals. We are continually using our expertise to enhance the product, which means you benefit from new features as well as knowing it will always be technically up to date and secure.

About RealtimeCRM

We started developing RealtimeCRM in 2016 and it has been growing and gaining momentum - and more users! - along the way as we have continually enhanced and added features to it. The original development of RealtimeCRM was done in response to businesses we knew being unhappy with their existing CRM systems. That emphasise on listening to user feedback continues to this day and we are very pleased to maintain a strong connection and relationship with all of our users.

In developing the product we have always strived to head off the main concerns of all CRM users:

  • We make the system easy and intuitive to use
  • No hidden extra costs for features - keep the pricing simple
  • Provide personable, high quality support to users to make sure they get the most out of it
  • Allow users to join and move on from RealtimeCRM without inconvenience

We therefore have a CRM that has clear pricing plans, each of which are easy to budget and allow full access to features. Support and development comes directly from the people that built the product so you don’t have any complex third-party or outsource arrangements to deal with.

Moreover, we’ve built RealtimeCRM to make it easy to enter and retrieve the information you need to get work done, to be intuitive so you can keep track of interactions with customers and to see the progress of your deals so your sales team never lets another hot lead go cold.

We’re really proud of RealtimeCRM and it’s the product we wish we could have reccommended to our customers all those years ago. If you’re moving from an overcomplicated CRM or a spreadsheet we hope you will give RealtimeCRM a try so that your team can become more productive and your customers happier. We hope that together we can achieve just that. With RealtimeCRM you can be as serious about sales as we are. Join us.