About RealtimeCRM

About RealtimeCRM

So why did we build RealtimeCRM?

We come from a background in software development and many of our customers would complain about their CRM.

It wasn’t simple to use, they’d run into hidden extras and the support was impersonal and just not good enough. And when they had enough and wanted to move on they’d find more charges to get their data out.

Over and over again we’d be asked if we could recommend something that worked and was simple to set up so they could hit the ground running and get on with running their business.

We couldn’t so that’s why we decided to build RealtimeCRM.

It’s simple, there are no confusing price plans, once you sign up you get full access to the system and support comes directly from the people who built it, us. So we know it inside out and we really care about making sure it works for you and your business.

We’ve built RealtimeCRM to make it easy to enter and retrieve the information you need to get work done, to be intuitive so you can keep track of your interactions with your customers and see the progress of your deals so your sales team never lets another hot lead go cold.

We’re really proud of RealtimeCRM and it’s the product we wish we could have reccommended to our customers all those years ago. With RealtimeCRM you’ll know your business inside out.

If you’re moving from an overcomplicated CRM or a spreadsheet we hope you give RealtimeCRM a try so that your team can become more productive and your customers happier. We hope that together we can achieve just that.