A CRM System that can be fully customised

There is great potential for any CRM system to benefit your business. To unlock that potential you sometimes need to get your CRM system to work in a particular way. You may be in an industry that has very precise sales process, you may need to integrate with other data sources or you may need to store particular data for certain records.

While RealtimeCRM Standard does a good job at allowing you to configure certain things, a completely customised solution may be more applicable to your circumstances. It’s reassuring to know from day one of using RealtimeCRM Standard that you can move to a plan that allows for full customisation if and when you need to.

Ways CRM systems could be customised

It’s important when choosing a CRM system to understand the difference between configuration and customisation. Specifically, the former allows you to adjust - often through a setting or option - the way that something works. Critically, it means that the chosen CRM system needs to already cater for your exact needs, something that is often not the case.

Customisation, on the other hand, is software that is developed to meet your exact requirements.

Some CRM systems (such as Zoho CRM) provide you with configurable, modular solutions. We do not follow this way of delivering customisation because your needs may differ from what modules are on offer and there may not be a configuration option for what you need.

Additionally, solutions like Salesforce use customisable framework solutions. This means that while the end result may be tailored to you it still uses the common components of Salesforce, a common platform database and is constrained by the options available within the framework. We do not follow that approach as the framework itself can lead to some (often quite frustrating) limitations in terms of functionality and speed.

How RealtimeCRM is customised

With everything that we do at RealtimeCRM we want the end result to benefit you, your team and, ultimately your customers. That’s why we take a specialist approach to the way we deliver your customisation.

Instead of forcing you into a limiting framework or selecting modules that don’t quite fit what you need we use our dedicated in-house team to provide an exact solution based on your requirements. We build on the successful, tried and testing RealtimeCRM platform to create an experience for you. Where desirable we use existing RealtimeCRM features, modify, clone and adjust them to give you the best experience. Where necessary we’ll build new components to provide a user and management experience that is an exact match for your needs.

Not only that, but you have the peace-of-mind that your system is running on its own database, not on a common or shared system. Not only this is a great for security but it also means your system is fast and responsive and, to keep it so, can be adjusted and tweaked where necessary.

How the process works

The process of customisation is designed to be easy and to be undertaken by a non-technical person. We normally deal with sales managers, product managers, CEOs or operations managers. We can also just as easily deal with CTOs, FOs or IT departments - whatever is easiest for you.

A key benefit of our customisation is that you will deal directly with us as a company. There is no need to look for third-party consultants or experts - it is all handled in house.

As the exact methodology differs, we break down the process for you depending on which plan you have selected. In either way, you don’t need any technical expertise and all we need to understand is the problem you’re trying to solve.

RT Professional

This is a great plan for customisation when you need it. Simply make a request for customisation either via the application or by email and we’ll respond with any clarification questions and an estimate of cost. If that’s agreeable then we’ll start work and you’ll see your desired feature or improvement on your platform.

Select the Request Customisation option which can be found either under your trial dropdown banner (as shown below) or under the settings menu (click on your name at the top right).

Customisation request

RT Enterprise

While you can use the RT Professional route for customisation, the RT Enterprise plan gives you more support. Your dedicated account manager will pro-actively discover improvements or ways that the CRM could help your business. In agreement, and after an estimate, we’ll begin work and you can see the various improvements appear on your test server before it moves to your production server.

Customisation panel

Plans and Pricing

You will need either an RT Professional or RT Enterprise plan. We pride ourselves on our price transparency and you can find out full details of our plans and pricing here.

Switching plans

You can upgrade plans at any time. This can be a benefit if you are on the RealtimeCRM Standard plan and feel as though you need some customisation. Simply make contact with us if you’d like to do that. The ability to downgrade plans is more limited but we’re happy to take requests so please contact support.

Further questions

We hope that this overview has helped but if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or using the on-site chat.

You can read the steps involved in customisation in our support pages.