A CRM that fits your sales process

A CRM should fit the way you work not the other way round. With custom fields you can map RealtimeCRM to your sales process. With our activity timeline, keep track of what’s going on so RealtimeCRM becomes the central hub for your sales team.

Store more in depth insights about your leads

You can’t remember everything in your head but with custom fields you don’t have to. Use custom fields to store your contact’s preferences, department, communication preference and more. By capturing the important details that matter to them you can build and maintain trust over the long term.

All your customer interactions in one place

What’s going on? Make it simple by tracking your calls,emails, meetings and more in RealtimeCRM. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune and have multiple apps to capture your sales process.
With RealtimeCRM your whole team can keep up to date with what’s going on and share what they’ve done including forwarding email conversations with leads straight into RealtimeCRM.

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