Faster search, more efficient work

Find the information you need about a lead in seconds

Filter your data for the leads you really care about

Take advantage of the power of filtering in RealtimeCRM, easily identify your newest leads, the deals you have the best chance of converting and those prospects you haven’t spoken to in a while or who have gone dark.

Create favourites for your most accessed data

Have a list of important leads, a filtered list or just want to see your tasks at the click of a button then just save it to your favourites and you can access them in one click any time saving you from having to create the query every time.

Organise your data with tags

Tags allow you to group your records by a certain attribute that you define. For example if you met a series of Contacts at a networking event you can group them by the name of that networking event and therefore quickly find them again to perhaps further market to them. Tags are a powerful and yet simple tool to group your records on the fly, they can be quickly added and removed as you need them.

Powerful real time search

Every time you run a query our powerful search dynamically generates the results from current data so your search results are always up to date. Our global search doesn’t just search records but any tags you’ve created too.

See how search, filters and favourites work in this quick video

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