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The point of this guide is to teach you how to stand out from the crowd and make sure you’re relevant to the person you’re emailing so that you’ll spark their curiosity and then once they’ve opened your email what you have written gets you that meeting or the referral you’re looking for.

Think of it as a game where the victory condition is that meeting. Though you may be in a completely different industry from somebody else reading this, dealing with superficially different people in terms of education or seniority at the end of the day humans are pretty uniform in how they respond to certain stimuli.

That’s the game figuring out what stimuli creates the response you want.

We’re going to give you real life examples that we used to get a post on the Google Cloud blog, we’ll go through cold emails we get that are terrible because it’s important not simply to know what to do but what not to do and finally we’ll give you some templates that’ll give you a place from which to start and based on what you’ve learned to then modify them to be relevant to your customers and grow your business.

The number one thing that we’ll try to get across in this guide is that the email is not about you, it’s about your customer. As long as you have that as your guiding principle you won’t go off course.

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