CRM Software: How we compare

There are thousands of CRM systems. Why choose ours?

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What we are great at:

Giving small and medium sized companies a good CRM software experience

For companies of up to 30 users RealtimeCRM is a great choice. If your business is larger than that or you need some special functionality added then you should consider one of our custom plans which gives you the same great software but that can be customised and tailored for you and your team.

Making the generating and sending of quotes easy

You can quickly assemble an Opportunity and then get that sent to the customer with just a few clicks.

Getting you and your team up and running

Although packed with features, the user interface of RealtimeCRM is pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate. As many of the pages offer the same functionality tailored to each type of task you'll find you and your team are up and running in no time.

Improve your sales productivity

Even simple steps like following up opportunities in a timely way, or being able to recall previous customer queries will aid your sales process. RealtimeCRM makes it easy to get those and other things baked into your business.

Making it easy for you to budget for your CRM system

Whatever plan you choose you'll find transparent pricing which makes it easy for you to budget month-to-month for your CRM costs. No added fees for record or usage charges.

Things we're currently working to improve

Generating complex reports

Need to run some multi-dimensional analysis on your sales data? While we can throw your data into a CSV you won't want to use us if you need custom report and analysis tools.


Because we're geared towards getting you and your team up and running quickly we don't yet provide any out-of-the-box APIs for you to programmatically interface. However, some of our plans do provide custom integration which gives you full control

Marketing Systems

We're mainly a sales focused CRM. We do integrate with Mailchimp for your marketing needs but if you are looking for a marketing-focused CRM we may not be the best choice for you.

Having a hard time finding CRM software that ticks all the boxes?

No off-the-shelf CRM software is going to tick every single requirement. If you're struggling to find something suitable then take a look at our Professional or Enterprise plans that provide for customisation.

Which one is right for you?

Comparing our Standard Plan - other plans are available


Unfortunately there's not enough room to display the full table on this small screen but we compare well against the leading competitors for price transparency, quote sending, budget, contact mapping, user support and training & implementation.

Team size <30 <5 <100 <150 >250
Price transparency Single-tier price per user with no add-ons or extra charges Cost increases when team grows Inclusive pricing but you need to select the right tier for you Pricing can get complex and you need to beware of surprise costs Multi-tier, multi-service complex pricing
Quote Sending Assemble and send a quote in a few clicks Beta, limited Chargeable 3rd party app needed Included Only available on higher tiers
per user annually
Predictable, best value
£1000 - £3000
£400 - £1000
Cheaper at first
£1500 - £3750
£2250 - £6000
Most expensive
Contact Map Included
along with free geo-coding
Included No Add link manually No
User Support Free, inclusive email and chat Not included Minimum 6 users on certain plans Available at extra cost Available at extra cost
Training & implementation Fully Inclusive Free online Only for higher plans and user numbers Available at extra cost Available at extra cost

Other CRM Software providers

We do pretty well at being an alternative to Zoho CRM too.

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