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Save 50% of your time on data entry with RealtimeCRM

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Data entry is a lot like being stuck behind a red light, no one wants it and everyone wants to keep moving to get to where they want to be.

One shocking statistic we recently read was that 1 out of 5 businesses still use spreadsheets as their primary way of storing customer information. Today, we’re going to show you the power of RealtimeCRM. It’s a simple speed test. We want to be able to enter the address and phone number of a local company “Chocolat Chocolat”, all we have to begin with is their web address to find all the other relevant information.

The Spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet data entry

It took almost 1 minute 30 seconds to find their address and telephone number. We have to continuously move between tabs and copy and paste the information we needed. This increases the chance of human error and is just unnecessary as you’ll see below.


RealtimeCRM data entry

As you can see it took RealtimeCRM less than half the time to find the information it needed, in fact RealtimeCRM found more information including the social media links and Companies house information for Chocolat Chocolat. It involved much less data entry and so there was less chance for human error and therefore the data is going to be more accurate.

What’s more unlike with the spreadsheet you can click to dial “Chocolat Chocolat” and leave an activity note where you can record the details of the conversation you just had.

If you had a button to increase your business efficiency by 50% wouldn’t you push that button?

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