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How job scheduling engineers using RealtimeCRM boosts revenue

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So we recently introduced our new Scheduler feature into RealtimeCRM. It was something we thought would be a useful tool for our users to keep abreast of their appointments and to help manage their time better.

Filtering Scheduler

In fact, thanks to the feedback we’ve received we’ve added more functionality to it. You now have the ability to filter the Scheduler by a predetermined group of users so you only see the Schedules of say your team of engineers.

As ever our best ideas come from our users, and we always welcome feedback so we can improve RealtimeCRM and make it a more useful tool to help you achieve your goals. But our most recent feedback from one of our users has been really satisfying.

The problem they faced scheduling their team

So, they have engineers who are sent out to their customers all the time. Their engineers carry with them job sheets that need to be filled in about the hours worked and that the job has indeed been completed. These job sheets are then handed to accounts who then do the billing. Unfortunately, sometimes these job sheets would get lost or they’d come into accounts long after they should have done so.

As you can imagine their engineers are very busy, and it’s easy to be completely focused on the next job and leave the admin side of things hanging.

How they used RealtimeCRM to schedule their engineers

Well, we were happy to learn that the accounts department have the RealtimeCRM Scheduler up on a big screen all day long, and they can see in real time when an engineer is en route to a job or, and this is the crucial part when they have completed a job they simply update the appointment status via their smartphone. The colour of the appointment changes on the Scheduler to green which accounts can see on their screen too. As soon as this happens they then bill the customer. As you can see in the example below Billy Jones has completed his appointment Friday afternoon and we know about it the instant he updates his Schedule in RealtimeCRM.

RealtimeCRM scheduler

They don’t need to worry about job sheets being handed back in to confirm whether a job has been completed or not. With the Scheduler they’ve improved their cash flow and stopped income from slipping through their fingers, RealtimeCRM now more than pays for itself. It has also made admin for the engineers quicker and easier too leaving them to focus on what they’re good at and like doing.

It’s always great to learn how you can do something better but its also nice to learn of when you do something right. We’re planning on rolling out more useful features soon too so watch this space.

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