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Real-time systems - why are some employers afraid?

real-time clock

When real-time systems help us so much in our day to day lives, why are some employers still behind the times in using real-time systems for the work place?

According to, when an event or function is processed instantaneously, it is said to occur in real-time. To say something takes place in real-time is the same as saying it is happening “live” or “on-the-fly.”

Real time is a process we are constantly using.  Fitness trackers and Google search.  Air traffic control systems and Wi-Fi routers are real-time.  We’d be utterly lost without the live responsiveness required for these systems.  It’s a process we take for granted in much of our everyday lives – after all, we don’t have to wait for our fitness tracker to add up all the steps we have taken today, or hang around while Google has a think about which search results to present us with.

So, why are some employers still one step behind when it comes to using real-time systems?

Let’s take spreadsheets in a sales setting as an example; If you are a small start-up, spreadsheets may seem like the perfect solution for tracking sales information while the business is growing. However, a spreadsheet can only be worked on by one person at a time, and if it is not updated efficiently it will quickly deteriorate into a mess.  If your sales team are on the road they will not be able to update the spreadsheet regularly.  Critically, if you and your team can’t clearly see which member of staff spoke to which customer or prospect, and track those conversations, quotes and emails (both sent and received) then your team cannot plan the crucial next steps to build their sales pipeline.

Should you choose to take that step towards RealTimeCRM?  We think so, and we’d suggest you try a single user license, totally free of cost.  You can sign up online straight away and it couldn’t be easier to get started.  You simply import existing data from your spreadsheet, and watch the process begin.  RealTimeCRM makes it even easier by bringing in information from online sources to automatically populate certain fields.  It can even find logos and allocate a market sector to each company!

Once you are happy with the setup and have decided how you’d like to personalise the records (tags, customisable fields, email integration and much more), you can start to bring your team online. Your single user license remains free.  We have a fixed pricing structure of £20 per additional user, per month – and that price will not increase for the life of your contract, you only pay for the number of licenses you require – with no hidden charges.  Make one simple change today and feel the benefit for years to come.