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RealtimeCRM can help you check if a company has a history of insolvency

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We know you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read 1,000 word articles.

So lets cut to the chase, RealtimeCRM can look up any companies you add to it on Companies House. That’s a wealth of information on British companies RealtimeCRM sources for you including whether a company has a history of insolvency or is going into provisional liquidation. That’s useful information to know right? I mean you don’t want to give out a line of credit or take on a large project for someone who is unlikely to be able to pay you back.

It’s really easy to do this in RealtimeCRM, literally as soon as you create a new Company record you can link it to Companies House and see the warning signs right away:

Insolvent company in RealtimeCRM check

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