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What we've been working on... RealtimeCRM May 2021 Update

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Spring is here and the world is starting to wake up again from a long winter. We’ve been really pleased to see our users begin to get back to normal, interacting with prospects and sending out quotes.

We’ve been busy too making improvements to RealtimeCRM. We’ve made some minor and major improvements to the way quote sending works in RealtimeCRM.

There are things which are small but frustrating like having to write the same quote email over and over again to different prospects. Or trying to find your standard quote terms and copy and paste it into your quote. It would be so much easier if it was all just there, right?

You’re right and we’ve got you covered.

Customise your quotes and then hit the road running

You can now upload your logo and save it inside RealtimeCRM so that every time you generate a new quote it’s there without you having to do anything more.

Upload logo to quote realtimecrm

To save you having to enter in your quote terms and your standard quote email text every time you send a quote you can store them in RealtimeCRM by creating templates. With your email template you can use keywords to save you having to enter information such as your name or the quote total manually.

customise quote

Configuring quote totals and sales tax

Within RealtimeCRM, you’re able to add your own Products to the system and record their sales price, tax rate and cost, you can now choose what information you wish to display including whether you wish to show the tax per line item or not, the total tax for the quote or not as well as the overall quote total value or not.

When you click the ‘Send quote’ button on the desired Opportunity record the ‘Quote configuration’ dialog box will appear allowing you to toggle these display settings on and off, and this will be made apparent on the quote preview on the same form. We’ve also introduced a new reference field to the quote to allow you to send across even more relevant information.

sales tax on product

So get onto RealtimeCRM and get selling!

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