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What we've been working on... RealtimeCRM Oct 2020 Update

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We’re really excited about this update, and we think you’re going to be really pleased with what we’ve been working on.

What do all sales teams want? To be able to quickly and efficiently generate quotes that they can send promptly to leads so that they can progress every sales conversation.

All the information you need to generate quotes is in RealtimeCRM but until now you’ve had to create the quote yourself and then send it yourself.

That’s all changed now, we’ve listened and we’ve acted!

From now on in RealtimeCRM unlike with other CRMs you can generate quotes from predefined templates within the system and then send those quotes directly to your customer all from within RealtimeCRM.

That’s a huge leap in the power of RealtimeCRM that you can now take advantage of. Oh and this isn’t an extra paid feature, it’s all included in our one simple price promise.

So let’s get to it…

Create and send quotes from RealtimeCRM

Click through to the Opportunity record you wish to create the quote for then click the ‘Send Quote’ button A new form should open up allowing you to configure your quote, including adding in your own logo, terms and other relevant information.

Quote configurator realtimecrm

Once you’ve entered in the relevant details you’ll notice the PDF preview update, you can click the magnifying glass to zoom in and double check it looks OK. The next step is to click the ‘Next’ button which will take you to the Send Email form where you can edit the message and subject of the email your potential customer will receive.

Send email form realtimecrm

Once you’re happy simply click the ‘Send email’ button and the email will be sent with a PDF attachment of the quote to your Contact.

sending quote from RealtimeCRM

And that’s it your quote is sent to the customer. Sending quotes is something you’re going to have to do a lot so you want to make the process as smooth and as streamlined as possible. Quotes in RealtimeCRM is now optimised to help you achieve just that.

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