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Regain Control of Your Customer Relationships With RealTime CRM

Regain Control With RealTimeCRM CRM

Get the Most Out of Client Relationships

You have customers and you want to optimise your relationship with them, and do this in an effective way. Spreadsheets are clunky. Things get missed. You can’t build a sales pipeline or create things like forecasts effectively in them, and human error is always lurking in the background.

Let’s use a scenario as an example. You start dealing with a new company and create a record for them. You have one contact at the company, though there are many more potentially useful contacts who you would like to add. You might also like to introduce yourself via email, and connect with them on LinkedIn. This company you’ve added has four divisions, each of whom might be purchasing your services. Within each division there is a lead contact and several support staff who you can speak to also. Each of these contacts with the different divisions might like to sign up for your mail newsletter. You produce several different versions of the company newsletter, which would each be aimed at the different divisions. Your telemarketing team consists of three people, and their roles have a fair bit of crossover so each of them are performing the same tasks. You need to keep track of who has spoken to each contact, what was discussed, what follow up activity is scheduled, which emails have been sent out, which trade shows they may be attending, which newsletter they have subscribed to, I could go on…. And when that customer phones back in, you and your team need all this information at your fingertips.

There is a tremendous amount of useful information which your staff can gather during the course of their day, all extremely valuable in the process of building great relationships with clients. Your account manager will find this level of detail very useful and will use it to their advantage to build relationships.

In addition to the telemarketing team you have five salespeople based across the UK who work from home and come to the office once a month. When your telemarketing team book them on an appointment with a potential customer, they need to be made aware of all the previous contact history as well as the correct address and contact details. Following each appointment the sales team need to record all details of what was discussed at the meeting, follow ups scheduled and other tasks. There may be some actions required by other departments, for instance the engineering team may need to make samples up to the correct spec, and the admin person may need to email them to obtain further details in order to set them up with an account.

Then your company develops a division which will be suitable for all your customers from a particular sector. You’d like to send them some information about a new product and make sure it gets sent to the correct contact. Then you’d like the telemarketing team to follow up on the email at a specified time after the customer has received it. If your customers are annoyed by receiving this email, you’d like them to be able to unsubscribe easily. Once you have spoken to existing customers about this new product, you’d like to record their feedback, and maybe send this over to the engineering team who have been working on the project.

The End of Spreadsheets for CRM

I was going to go through the above scenario and count exactly how many action points there were, but I almost lost the will to live. The answer is – too many for a spreadsheet! Each employee needs to be able to access information live, add data, and save data - all with no syncing issues.

RealTimeCRM CRM will allow you to do all of the above and more. When you send an email out directly through a customer record and use Google Drive or One Drive to attach your company brochure for the first time, you will smile at the ease of it. When you go back to the record later, the email is there in its entirety for you to view.

You won’t need to have people out to your office, disrupting everyone during an installation process – RealTimeCRM CRM is securely cloud based, so you won’t even need to download anything to use it! Your sales team can use our app to log in from wherever they are out on the road, and you can instantly see how their meeting went and any follow ups required.

RealTimeCRM CRM is fantastic for your sales pipeline, and allows you to manage and report on ongoing projects and sales.

Setup could not be easier, just register for your forever free user licence by clicking here today, upload your existing spreadsheet, and get started. If you’d like a bit of extra help you can join one of our regular webinars, though most users find the system so easy they don’t need to do this. Users love the clean look and simple interface of RealTimeCRM CRM, and benefit from being able to customise it and hook it up with your other systems.