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Replace Your Spreadsheets with RealTime Information


Still running your business with spreadsheets? Learn how your business could benefit from a CRM system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) simply refers to technological systems and strategies used to record and manage a business’ data. This includes information about potential and existing clients or prospects as well as allowing employees to record their interactions with other companies. Being able to access and use such information is key for a business of any size to operate smoothly.

Do you have those days when you can’t remember where you left your car keys, or you forgot there was something important you needed to do? The same principle applies for companies who do not use a CRM system. Usually there will be more than one person within a business who liaises with a customer. Naturally, information will need to be readily available about the client as well as any previous correspondence that has taken place. If staff record this information on paper or rely on memory then other members of the team will remain less informed. Using a CRM system like Real Time CRM which automatically updates customer information, records phone calls, and integrates emails with other manually recorded entries, ensures that important business opportunities are not lost due to a lack of communication.

Many SME’s and SMB’s manage their relationship with customers using spreadsheets. While this is a lower cost alternative to installing an electronic CRM system, like the examples above, data is likely to be incomplete. In addition, spreadsheets can become too confusing especially with several columns which contain various types of data. CRMs have the potential to store all of the information you can fit into a spreadsheet but in an organised way with an interesting layout. Real Time CRM includes customisable fields which are visible against every record for ease of data entry using a pick list. This means that the database can be tailored for the company’s purpose as well as allowing staff to analyse the data effectively and make informed decisions as to the way forward.

With well-organised and accurate data, your salespeople can easily keep track of the needs and wants of your customers. Real Time CRM works in real time which means that there is no refresh button – all information is updated as soon as changes are made so that users can access this data as soon as it is available. In turn, this reduces the need for staff to manually update and research existing data meaning that they are more focused on other responsibilities. Information such as previous transactions made by the client as well as the size of the opportunity that the customer presents, mean that your company can focus on contacting profitable customers and increase efficiency of sales and customer service roles.

Real Time CRM is a cost-effective CRM solution. The first user is free of charge and you will only pay £20 per month for subsequent users, with no set up fee or hidden charges. Additionally, being Cloud-based, Real Time CRM is mobile and data can be accessed easily while you are on the move. If you would like to see how Real Time CRM can help your business progress, click here and give it a try with your first user free for life.