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Rules for life & business - Be nice, you never know who you'll meet

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Long before I started RealtimeCRM I was about to step inside a huge corporate building to make a sales pitch. It was to a prospective client who was big, this account if I’d get it would change things.

So I stepped into the building and headed over to the reception and let them know what I was there for. They ushered me over to the waiting area where there were a few people sitting including one conspicuous person separate from the others.

He was a dishevelled looking man, his clothes were dirty, tardy and torn and he was sitting legs splayed across the chair, snorting his nose and generally being the opposite of a well mannered individual.

I took no mind of this and sat opposite him and smiled. After I had taken my seat I went through in my head the pitch I had prepared that I was going to perform but I was interrupted by the man opposite me.

“What’chu here for then?” he interjected.

I replied that I was here for a sales pitch for my company and as I was explaining what my company was he interrupted again.

“I’m a cleaner! ‘ere for a cleaning job” he proclaimed so that everyone could hear. “What’dyu think I should say?”

I replied he should just be himself, show that he’s a hard worker, honest and that he could be the best cleaner they could possibly hire. Talk about the other cleaning jobs he’s had.

We continued with our conversation with him asking me more about what I do. Trying to simplify what we did, I explained that I looked after computers and fixed them when they went wrong. He told me that he did not understand computers but had played some games on one a long time ago.

Then the person I was waiting for came down the stairs in a smart suit and asked for me. I got up and shook his hand and we started to walk down the corridor to his office. While walking he smiled at me and said “I see you’ve met our owner. He is not around much these days”.

I looked around confused as I didn’t think I had but the smartly dressed man smiled and pointed back to the dishevelled man, that’s our owner.

The next morning I received a phone call with the good news that I had won the contract. To this day, I still do not know if I won the contract because of my skills or my brief conversation with the so called cleaner!


While at my previous company I came in one morning to find one of my guys had forced and broken the frame on one of our internal doors.

Me being me, I went to B&Q and purchased some wood, got my tool kit and fixed the door. I am not the tidiest of carpenters and then got on my hands and knees vacuuming the floor by the doorway.

While on the floor, we had the main office door buzzer ring and it was remotely opened. The next thing I knew someone nearly kicked me out of the way trying to get to our reception desk. Rather than ask me to move they just pushed passed me looking very annoyed because I was in their way.

Thirty seconds later my Operations Director came down on his way to the meeting room. All I said to him was “I do not care if they are buying from us or selling to us. We are not interested!”

The person was selling a service we needed and we purchased it from an alternative supplier.

Be nice you never know who you’ll meet!

Philip Mashinchi

Founder, RealtimeCRM