CRM Software that fits the needs of your business

Get your sales workflow and business processes into shape with a fully supported, customisable CRM software system. With a complete, clearly priced solution you'll be free to concentrate on running your business not your software.

Reasons to choose our CRM Software solution

  • Built upon the established RealtimeCRM system
  • Unlimited scope for customisation and bespoke features
  • Custom domain name and your own corporate branding
  • Core platform updates included
  • Concierge service to make switching easy
  • Consultation to uncover possible workflow improvements
  • Training sessions to help your team support end users
  • Customisable solution allowing for software integration

Cut out the risk

Reduce the hassle of working with different consultants. Engage directly with your account manager and development team for the development of your CRM software, and any future improvements that need to be done.

Answers to some questions we often get asked:

What can I expect during the engagement period? What is it that you do?

Our experienced consultant will work with your company to understand the way that you work. They will uncover the data sources, data processes and will make suggestions on possible enhancements and improvements.

The research is brought together in a document that your business can use to evidence their procedures and implement improvements. It will also clearly lay out how RT Enterprise will help your business, how your data will be imported and what customisation is recommended along with costs and timeline for implementation.

We also plan a training session so that end users and 1st line support staff have the necessary information to fully use the system.

What if I don't want to go ahead with RT Enterprise after receiving the engagement report?

We want RT Enterprise to benefit you and your company. If, after looking at your processes and procedures, you feel that RT Enterprise won't add value to your business then you are under no obligation to proceed with its implementation.

The document that is produced for you is yours and will highlight any possible improvements that you could undertake through your own solution or alternative CRM system.

What support do you offer while we're running RT Enterprise?

We want you to get the most out of RT Enterprise. We do that by helping in two ways:

Firstly, during the engagement process, we make sure that some of your staff - these might be in your IT department or team leaders - understand the system and can resolve common user queries. We would expect your users to contact them with any queries as 1st line support.

If your team need any help then our own support team are able to advise and troubleshoot problems for you. There is no additional cost for this, although a fair-use policy applies. Support is available between 0830 - 1730 Monday to Friday with email available at all other times.

What integration with my existing software can I expect from RT Enterprise

Because RT Enterprise is custom software it is more able than most other systems to integrate with other data sources. These might be in the form of API calls but could equally be proprietory or local data sources. We can uncover exactly what RT Enterprise can do during our initial call or scoping visit.

What is the sandbox server? What can I do with it and what value does it have?

As part of your access you get a second server called a sandbox server. Although less powerful than your live server it carries a copy of all of your code and a snapshot of some of your data. The sandbox server is invaluable for a number of reasons.

It allows you to test, practise and train people without accessing your live data. It is also a place where any code updates that are made go first for you to thoroughly test them before they are moved to your live server.

Are updates to our environment really applied at no cost?

Security of your data and performance of your system are always priorities. Sometimes to make sure the underlying code is secure we need to provide code updates. These updates are applied to your sandbox server for testing and then to your live server. There is no charge for the installation of these upgrades.

In addition, from time-to-time, we may offer you improved functionality or features. These are optional to you and can be incorporated without charge. You can even opt to customise them through the code customisation route if you wish.

Can I brand RT Enterprise with my own corporate colours?

We'd be happy to incorporate your logo and colour scheme across RT Enterprise.

There may be some reasonable limits in place to ensure the system remains accessible and nicely styled but we can speak about that during the engagement phase.

I'd like RT Enterprise to be customised. How does that process work?

RT Enterprise is fully cutomisable and the work is undertaken by our in-house team that each know the code intimately.

When you request a feature and we've understood the need that you have we'll firstly make sure that you need the customisation service and that RT Enterprise doesn't already meet your requirements. If not, then we'll provide you with an estimate of how much time it will take to provide the functionality. If you agree to the estimate then we'll start work, giving you regular updates, and make it available on your sandbox server for review. Once you're happy with the work we'll put it onto your live server for you.

Is there a limit to what or how much can be customised?

No. You can customise anything including the interface, data structure, integration with other systems, reporting and user management. So long as it will benefit your business we're happy to prepare it for you.

Can I trial RT Enterprise before I decide to move forward?

Of course. You can trial it right now by signing up for a free account with RealtimeCRM. This is our multi-tennent version which can't be customised but will give you a feel for what you get in a basic RT Enterprise system before styling and customisation.

In addition, we're happy to provide you with a trial account of RT Enterprise by contacting us.

Is there a version of RT Enterprise that I can run locally on my own servers?

All RT Enterprise solutions are cloud based to ensure we can offer the best service possible. However, we’re happy to discuss possibilities of getting an on-premises solution on a case-by-case basis. Contact us so that we can find out more about your infrastructure and exact requirements.

Follow your own processes

Bespoke or unusual workflow? No problem. RT Enterprise provides a foundation that you can build on to meet your needs. We'll guide you through the process.

Want more good reasons to choose us?

  • Fully maintained code including applying security updates
  • Email and chat with our support team to help sort problems
  • Dedicated hosting environment to ensure peak performance
  • Sandbox environment for training, testing and evaluation
  • We take time to understand your business
  • Documented output from our initial engagement process
  • Easy access to your data and cancellation if you need to
  • Daily data backups and system performance monitoring
  • No lock-in contracts, you are free to cancel at any time
  • Access to your account manager to discuss enhancements

We make switching CRM software as easy as possible

Your consultant will work with you to switch from your current CRM including managing data transfer, training and customisation.

Further questions?

We want to hear from you:

Email us at or call us 01223 626265

Having worked in a large corporate firm and now starting up my own accountancy practice, I know how important it is to have a robust CRM system to help manage contacts, leads, conversations and opportunities. My favourite part of RealtimeCRM is the ability to view all of my opportunities on one screen and to easily identify the stage of the opportunity and to update tasks at a click of a button. I would have no hesitation in recommending RealtimeCRM to businesses large and small.

Adam, Director, Accounting

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