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Becoming a great negotiator is about having the right attitude and developing the right skills to analyse and react to each situation. In our crash course we’ll give you the right framework for coming out with better deals in your sales negotiation.

We’ll show you how to:

  • How to determine your bargaining power
  • How to deal with questions when you don’t know the answer
  • How to efficiently cut through objections
  • How to deal with discount requests
  • When to delay negoations to gain an advantage

We were once fools but we learned through our own stupidity how to not get steamrolled over in negotiations. How to see when the other side isn’t playing by our naive gentlemanly rules of we can both win instead of winner takes all.

Yeah, there’s that too there are people out there who are willing to take everything you’re willing to surrender, and that word is key - surrender. That’s the mentality of the winner takes all. They’re not going to appreciate you for being a walkover.

So this crash course is what we wished we had jumped head long into when we first launched RealtimeCRM.

It would have made for far fewer sleepless nights, you see we’re here by our own bootstraps, no swimming pool filled with VC money. A couple of bad blunders and we’d have been dead in the water.

We’ve put together all the negotiation skills we’ve learned over the years so you have a toolkit at your disposal to make sure at the end of it you come out ahead.

Just as important, all the places where we messed up so you don’t do the foolish things we did that almost killed our startup.

You have something that is valuable - believe in it! Don’t give out discounts like skittles and don’t do something that you know will hurt you just to get a deal. There are bad deals, and there are bad deals that’ll end your startup.

With our crash course to B2B sales negotiations you’ll know how to make smart tradeoffs, the tips to get more out of prospects and when to ask the right questions.

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