Adding Tags


Adding Tags to your records is a good way of keeping track of them. Suppose you have a collection of Contacts you’ve recently met via networking. These Contacts have expressed an interest in your services. You don’t want to lose track of them within your list of records. You’d like to group them, saving you from searching each individual record later on when you come to make use of them. This is where tagging comes in.

How to add a Tag

For this tutorial, we are going to be adding a tag to a Contact, but this is one of many sections you can use tags. You can also tag: Companies, Tasks, Opportunities, Products and Purchase Orders.

  • To begin, go to the Contact you wish to tag. For example, “Francois Elan” by clicking on ‘Contacts’ in the left hand sidebar and finding the relevant Contact record.
  • You’ll notice at the top of the page is a small grey tag symbol, located on the top right-hand side of the record.
  • Clicking on the symbol will bring up a search bar. You can then select existing tags or as we are doing here create a new Tag “Priority” by typing it into the search bar.
  • Once you press enter, this will immediately assign itself to the record.

Adding multiple Tags to a record

One of the best attributes of Tagging records is that you can add as many as you wish to an individual record or add the same Tag to as many different records as you wish. Let’s go back to the example we used earlier. You’ve met these Contacts who have shown interest in your product at a networking event. You’ve tagged them as ‘Networking’, but you’ve attended multiple events this year. You need to add another tag title ‘Networking event 3’ for example. Now when you search and filter by these tags, your records will appear.

Filtering records with Tags

Now you’ve added your desired tags, you want to utilise them. Searching with tags allows you to filter your records to only the ones you want.

  • So, all you need to do is head back to the page displaying all your records in our case that is the Contacts page
  • Next to that will be Add filter clicking on it will display a small drop-down menu. Now there are quite a few things you can filter your records by but in this article we are using ‘Tags’
  • Clicking on the ‘Tag’ option will allow you to either pick from the list of tags, or just type the desired one in. This is helpful for if you have quite a few tags
  • Once you’ve selected your desired tag it will bring up all the records containing that tag

Removing a Tag:

No longer want a tag applied to a certain record? Just head back to that record and click the tag symbol and the search bar will open, select the tag you wish to delete and simply press backspace then click anywhere outside the tag search bar and the tag will be removed.

Adding and Removing the same Tag from all records:

In addition to adding and removing individual Tags from individual records you can also add and remove the same tag from all records.

  • From the Dashboard go to the list of records you wish to add or remove the tag from, in this example we will add and remove the Tag ‘Contract’ to all Contact records
  • Now click the check box next to the grey menu bar to select all Contact records
  • Next click the Manage Selected button and select ‘Manage tags for selected records’
  • A new dialog box should open enabling you to add or remove Tags

  • To add a Tag from all records simply type it into the box under the ‘Add tags’ heading and press enter, to add an existing Tag simply click the  symbol and select a Tag from the drop-down list
  • To remove a Tag from all records simply click the Remove button next to the Tag you wish to delete and it will be removed from all records it is assigned to
  • Once you’re happy with your modifications simply close the dialog box

Note: To add or remove a Tag from a selection of records simply click the check box next to the relevant records and then follow the above procedure.