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RealtimeCRM offers a vast array of control when it comes to administrative power, allowing you to choose who within your team sees, edits and removes data. 

As an Administrator, you get full access to view and modify all records and system settings within RealtimeCRM allowing you to stay in complete control of your system. The added benefit of this hierarchy of Users by privileges is that it stops undue changes being made as the ability to fundamentally change the system is restricted.

How to edit User privileges

As an admin you have the power to edit each of your user’s privileges, choosing what they can and can’t see, do or edit. This step-by-step guide will show you how to take control of your team within RealtimeCRM.

You can even disable a User account. Disabling a User account does not delete the user account and its contents instead it locks the account so that it can no longer be accessed but any information relating to it remains. For example, all the associated tasks for the disabled user account will remain and you can later change the assignee to another user account if you desire.

  • Click on your Username on the top right corner
  • A drop-down menu appear, then click on ‘Settings’
  • Once you have clicked on ‘Settings’ you will be taken to your ‘My Profile’ page
  • Click on“Users” panel from the side menu
  • Then click the Edit button on the User whose privileges you wish to modify
  • The User details form should now open and under the User Permissions heading you shall find the permissions you can change
  • You can then choose whether or not they can: see, edit or remove data in various record types
  • Within that menu, you are able to make that User a System Administrator if you are yourself already a System Administrator which determines whether the user has full access to the Configuration settings, including the ability to download all data as well as delete the database
  • You can also reset their password as well as set a maximum value on purchase orders the User can approve
  • Once you are happy with the modified User privileges, all you need to do is click the Save button and their account will be changed

Modifying user privileges in RealtimeCRM