Calendars & RealtimeCRM

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RealtimeCRM allows you to sync your tasks and appointments to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, or any calendar that allows you to subscribe by URL.

Once synced there are a few things to note:

  • The initial sync to your calendar should be instant, but updates to Tasks in RealtimeCRM may take a while to reach your calendar depending on its settings
  • Includes only incomplete tasks with due dates.
  • Anyone with this link has access to your tasks, so be careful how you share it!

How to find the sync to calendar URL:

The sync to Calendar URL can be found under the Third Party integration section:

  • Click on your username and from the drop down menu select ‘Settings’
  • Next click on the ‘Third Part Integration’panel
  • Now scroll down to the Calendar section and click “copy to clipboard to copy the URL” or simply highlight and copy the entire link of either or both the Tasks and Scheduler calendar URLs. Calendar Sync URL in RealtimeCRM
  • You now have the URL which will enable you to sync your tasks and/or appointments to your calendar.

How to sync to Google Calendar

Making sure you’ve copied the URL link next open your Google calendar

  • Click the + icon next to the ‘Add a friend’s calendar’ box and select ‘From URL’ Google Calendar sync to RealtimeCRM
  • In the popup window paste the link you previously copied from RealtimeCRM into the URL field and click ‘Add Calendar’ Adding RealtimeCRM to Google Calendar from URL
  • Your RealtimeCRM tasks should now be synced to your Google Calendar

To remove RealtimeCRM from Google Calendar

  • Underneath the Other Calendars heading you should see RealtimeCRM amongst your list of calendars
  • Click the cross icon next to it to unsubscribe from this calendar Remove RealtimeCRM from Google Calendar
  • A warning box should appear asking you to confirm that you wish to remove RealtimeCRM from Google Calendar, to confirm this action simply click ‘Remove Calendar’

How to sync to Apple Calendar

  • Select ‘File’
  • Select ‘New Calendar Subscription’ Apple Calendar new subscription
  • In the popup window that appears paste the link you previously copied from RealtimeCRM into the ‘Calendar URL’ field
  • Select ‘Subscribe’ Apple Calendar URL
  • In the next window you can edit the Calendar’s options. We reccomment setting auto-refresh to ‘Every 5 minutes’
  • To finish click ‘OK’ Apple Calendar Options

To remove RealtimeCRM from Apple Calendar

  • Right click on the RealtimeCRM Calendar
  • Now select ‘Unsubscribe’ Unsubscribe Outlook Calendar

How to sync to Outlook

  • Click ‘Add Calendar’
  • Select ‘From Internet’

Add Calendar from URL in Outlook

  • In the next popup paste in the link you previously copied from RealtimeCRM into the ‘Link to the calendar’ field
  • Enter a name for your Calendar
  • Click ‘Save’

Name Calendar from URL in Outlook

To remove RealtimeCRM from Outlook Calendar

  • Right click on the RealtimeCRM Calendar
  • Select ‘Remove’