Duplicate an Opportunity


RealtimeCRM allows you to duplicate an Opportunity and assign it to the same or a different Company. Simply use the Duplicate Opportunity button on an Opportunity to save you from having to retype all the information.

Duplicating an Opportunity

  • Click on the Opportunities panel in the left hand sidebar

  • From the list of Opportunity records click on the one you wish to duplicate

  • Once inside the relevant Opportunity record simply click the Duplicate Opportunity button on the right of the grey bar titled ‘Opportunity details’

  • A new dialog box will appear with a drop down menu allowing you to select which Company to assign the duplicate Opportunity to, if you wish to proceed with the Opportunity duplication click the Confirm button

  • You should now be taken to your newly created duplicate Opportunity record. You can then modify any details that need to be modified before starting to win it.

    Duplicate Opportunity in RealtimeCRM