How do I attach emails to a record?

email integrations

All you need to do is copy in the address [email protected] when emailing a Contact. RealtimeCRM will then add your email to that Contact’s record on the system.

If you’ve already sent the email but want a copy of it in RealtimeCRM then simply forward the sent email to [email protected], just make sure the person you sent the email to is has a Contact record in RealtimeCRM before you forward it to RealtimeCRM.

There are just a couple things to bear in mind:

  • RealtimeCRM uses your email address to figure out that the email should be added to your account. That means you must be using the email address associated with your RealtimeCRM account to make sure the email is added to the record.
  • Similarly, the system uses your Contact’s email address to add the email to the record, so please use the Contact email address on the system to ensure the email is added to the correct record.

Note: You’ll see this communication on your Activity Timeline at the bottom of the contact’s record.

What if I want to attach an Email to a Project record?

If you’re discussing a Project with a client through email you can attach that email to the specific Project record within RealtimeCRM. To do so you will need to know the Project number from RealtimeCRM and then copy in the email address in the form project [project number], this will then attach the email you send to your client to the correct Project record.

For example lets imagine we want to attach an email to the Project record below:

RealtimeCRM project number

As you can see the Project number for the Project record above is Project #9 therefore the email you’d be copying in to attach to this record would be in the form, [email protected].

Note: You can only attach emails to Project records and Contact records only at the moment.