How do I attach emails to a record?

email integrations

You can store in RealtimeCRM a copy of any email that you send to a Contact that you have stored. Doing so allows you to easily keep track of communication between you and your customer.

To store a copy of the email all you need to do is make sure [email protected] is copied into the email. You can do that in the Cc or Bcc fields as you wish. RealtimeCRM will then add the email to the Contact that matches the recipient's email address.

If the email has already been sent then you can still store a copy of it in RealtimeCRM. Simply forward the sent email to [email protected], making sure that the person you sent the email to originally is listed as a Contact in RealtimeCRM.

There are just a couple things to bear in mind:

  • RealtimeCRM uses the email address that you are sending your email from to determine which account to match against. This keeps the system nice and secure but it does mean that you must use an email address associated with your RealtimeCRM account.
  • RealtimeCRM uses your Contact’s email address to add the email to the record, so please use the Contact email address on the system to ensure the email is added to the correct record.

Note: Once RealtimeCRM has processed your email you will see it appear at the bottom of the Activity timeline for the appropriate Contact. This should normally only take a few minutes.

What if I want to attach an Email to a Project record?

If you're discussing a Project with a client through email you can attach that email to the specific Project record within RealtimeCRM. There are 2 ways to do this.

If you know the RealtimeCRM Project number then you can copy your outgoing email to the following email addresss:

project**[project number]**

where project number is the RealtimeCRM project number. This will then attach the email you send to your client to the correct Project record.

For example lets imagine we want to attach an email to the Project record below:

RealtimeCRM project number

As you can see the Project number for the Project record above is Project #9 therefore the email you'd be copying in to attach to this record would be in the form, [email protected].

Note: You can only attach emails to Project records and Contact records only at the moment.

Alternatively, if your receipient only has a single Project assigned to them then RealtimeCRM will assign the email to that Project automatically if you use the email address [email protected]. There is no need to provide a number.

Automating email capture

Many Users like to have full control over which emails they capture in RealtimeCRM by selectively copying or forwarding to RealtimeCRM. However, if you want every email stored where there is a matching Contact email address then it may be possible to automate it.

As the automation is done via your own email client the full instructions are outside of the scope of this support article but the following resources may prove helpful: