How do I create a new Project Type?

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It is highly unlikely that all Projects will follow the same format for example you may have two different products you’re developing that require different stages on the road to delivery to your Customer or you may offer a service and a product with the service requiring a much longer Project and as such RealtimeCRM allows you the flexibility to account for as many different Project types as you require.

Creating a new Project Type

  • Click on your Username and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu
  • Then click the ‘Configuration’ panel
  • Scroll down the Configuration page until you see the ‘Project Types’ heading and click the Add project type button to the right
  • A dialog box will open asking you to name the new Project Type, once you’ve named it click the blue ‘Create’ button
  • Once you’ve done that your new Project Type will have two stages already associated with it. By clicking on them you can edit their name and description
  • You can also add more stages by clicking the Add stage button next to the Project Type you just created
  • Your new Project Type should now have been created and you can add new Projects of that type in the usual manner
  • You can then change the ordering of stages by dragging the symbol. You can edit the stage by clicking the Edit button and to remove a stage click the Delete button

Create new project type in RealtimeCRM