How do I download purchase orders into a template?

purchase orders export

Creating your Purchase Order Template

To download a Purchase Order you must first create a Microsoft Office Word template which you will then populate with the Purchase Order information, the procedure only takes a few minutes simply open a blank Word document and include the following keywords where needed in the document.

Keywords which are recognised by RealtimeCRM:

An example Purchase Order in RealtimeCRM

  • {description} - The details of your Purchase Order you entered when you first created it in the Description box
  • {notes} - Notes against the Purchase Order
  • {orderNumber} - The Purchase Order number
  • {paymentMethod} - Payment method of Purchase Order
  • {requestor} - Name of the User who created the Purchase Order
  • {status} - Status of the Purchase Order
  • {supplierAddress} - Supplier address
  • {supplierName} - Supplier Company name
  • {supplierReference} - Supplier reference

As you can see each keyword refers back to information inside RealtimeCRM regarding your chosen Purchase Order which RealtimeCRM will extract for you into the template. You can structure the template as you wish remembering to create the appropriate labels as each keyword will extract the required information but not the label for example, {supplierAddress} will extract the address of the supplier you could then label it in your template ‘Address’ as follows:

Address: {supplierAddress}

The following keywords refer to information regarding any Item(s) in your Purchase Order:

Line items in a purchase order in RealtimeCRM

  • {count} - The number of a Purchase Order items ordered
  • {name} - The name of a Purchase Order item
  • {total} - The total cost of this Purchase Order item, dependent on quantity
  • {value} - The value of a Purchase Order item

The keywords regarding Items must be wrapped as follows:

{#items} {name} {count} {value} {total} {/items}

The Item keywords must be preceded by {#items} and then followed by {/items} otherwise you will not extract the Item information. This also allows you to loop through multiple Items in your template.

We can also handle cost displays through the following keywords:

  • {totalExcVat} - The Purchase Order total value before VAT
  • {vat} - The amount of VAT to pay on this Purchase Order
  • {totalIncVat} - The total Purchase Order cost including VAT

All calculations are carried out by RealtimeCRM, so you don’t need to do anything extra to generate a Purchase Order.

To find all the keywords used by RealtimeCRM simply click the Export to button in the relevant Purchase Order record and from the drop-down menu select How does this work?, there you will find a list of keywords and what they will import into your Purchase Order template.

Here we’ve created a simple Purchase Order template that we will use in our example, the keywords will soon be replaced by the relevant corresponding information in the Purchase Order once we come round to downloading it.

An example purchase order template

Downloading your Purchase Order

Now that you have set up your Microsoft Word Template save it as a (.docx) file making a note of which folder you have saved it to. Once it has been saved then complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Purchase Orders panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Once on the Purchase Orders page click on the Purchase Order you wish to download
  • You should now be on the relevant Purchase Order record, next to the heading ‘Purchase Order Details’ click the Create document button and select Use Word document from your computer from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to use the template to download the record details into it
  • Now a dialog box should open within which you can look for your previously created template and open it
  • The Purchase Order should now be downloaded and your previously created template should now be populated with all the information regarding your chosen Purchase Order

Downloading Purchase Order in RealtimeCRM

  • If you open your newly downloaded Purchase Order template you should see the keywords replaced with the relevant Purchase Order information as below:

An example of completed Purchase Order template download in RealtimeCRM

Uploading your template to RealtimeCRM for later use

You must have Administrator privileges to be able to upload and save templates to RealtimeCRM but once uploaded they can be accessed by all Users. So for example, if you have a Purchase Order template as an Administrator you can save it for later use in RealtimeCRM against your Opportunity records so that whenever any user next enters an Opportunity record it will be there in the list of saved templates ready for use without them having to upload again every time they want to use it.

  • Once inside the relevant record click Create document and then from the drop down menu select + Add Word document as a new template. If you’re not able to see this option it’s because you don’t have Administrator privileges and will have to contact your account Administrator in order to change your account type to an Administrator
  • A dialog box will open allowing you to find and select your desired template
  • Once you’ve done that the template will be uploaded and saved to RealtimeCRM available for later use
  • If you want to remove a saved template from RealtimeCRM simply click next to the file name of the template in the list

Save Purchase Order template for later use in RealtimeCRM