How to add a product bundle to an opportunity or project

products bundles

RealtimeCRM allows you to create bundles of products and then add them into your projects and opportunities as line items. In order to be able to add them to your Projects or Opportunities you first need to add Products to your Products catalogue and then create some Product bundles.

So once you’ve done the above now its time to add them to an opportunity record in this example

Adding a Product bundle as a line item

  • Click on the ‘Opportunities’ panel in the left hand sidebar
  • You will be taken to your list of Opportunities. Click through to the Opportunity you want to add the bundle to
  • Once on the relevant record scroll down to the ‘Line items’ box and click ‘Add Product bundle’
  • A new form will appear in which you can select from a drop down menu the bundle you want and set the number of that bundle too
  • Once you’re happy with your selection click the blue Add button and your bundle will be added as a line item to the Opportunity

add bundle as line item