How to convert an Opportunity into a Project

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Once an Opportunity has completed every stage it can be marked as a ‘Won’ Opportunity, meaning that the Opportunity can now be converted into an active Project and you can get to work on providing your now customer with what they require.

The process of converting an Opportunity into a Project takes just one click and it saves you having to re-enter the details of the Opportunity into the newly created Project as all details such as line items and prices are all ready and waiting for you.

Converting your Opportunity into a Project

To be able to convert an Opportunity it must first have completed all Opportunity stages and be in the final Opportunity stage

  • Select the Opportunities panel from the left hand sidebar
  • Then click on the Opportunity you wish to convert from the list of all Opportunity records
  • Once inside the Opportunity record on the top right of the record you will see the Opportunity won button, click it
  • A new dialog box will open asking you to confirm whether you wish to mark the Opportunity as won and thus turn it into a Project
  • You’ll also notice a drop-down menu box labelled ‘Project Type’ on the dialog box asking you to select the type of Project you wish to turn this Opportunity into
  • Once you have chosen your desired Project Type simply click ‘OK’ and the Opportunity will be converted into a Project and you will be taken to your newly created Project record

Note: You can toggle between a won Opportunity and its corresponding Project by clicking the View opportunity and View project buttons respectively on the top right of the opportunity and project record under the stage toggle buttons.