How to download Company information into a template

companies export

RealtimeCRM enables you to download Company information into pre-prepared template letters or envelope addressee labels thus saving you from having to fill in the information manually.

In this example we will go through the process of creating a simple addressee label to put on envelopes to be sent out to your customers, you can of course create your own templates but please note that RealtimeCRM only accepts templates of the (.docx) file type.

How to construct your template

To be able to bring the relevant information form the Company record into your template RealtimeCRM uses certain keywords such as:

  • {name} - Company name
  • {address} - 1st line of company address

To find all the keywords used by RealtimeCRM simply click the Export to button in the relevant Contact record and from the drop-down menu select ‘How does this work?’, there you will find a list of keywords and what they will import into your Purchase Order template.

Here we’ve created an addressee label template as our example, the keywords will soon be replaced by the relevant corresponding information in the Company record once we come round to downloading it.

Downloading your Company information into the template

Now that you have set up your Microsoft Word Template save it as a (.docx) file making a note of which folder you have saved it to. Once it has been saved then complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Companies panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Select the Company whose information you wish to download into the template
  • Once inside the relevant Company record click the  Export to button next to the Company heading and select ‘Microsoft Word template (.docx) from the drop-down menu
  • A dialog box should open and you should select the relevant Microsoft Word template by double clicking it
  • The Company information should now be downloaded into the template
  • In our example we named our template “Addressee label” and by going through the above steps it will be downloaded as “Addressee label (1)” in the same location as the original file “Addressee label” with all the keywords replaced with the relevant Contact information, whatever you have named your template will follow the same procedure with ‘(1)’ added to the end

  • If you open your newly downloaded template you should see the keywords replaced with the relevant Contact information as below: