How to filter records by Custom Fields

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RealtimeCRM enables you to filter your records by various attributes of those records including Custom Fields, for example if you create a Custom Field that records whether your customers have opted into Email marketing you can then filter all your Company records to only those whom have opted in.

Another example would be if you were a recruitment agency with a list of potential candidates listed in your Contact records for potential job offerings, you could create a Custom Field that records the skills of each candidate and then filter by that Custom Field so you can match the right candidates to the job. This is an important and powerful tool in recording extra information and then utilising it in an efficient manner.

So how do I filter my records?

In this example we will be a recruitment agency looking for a candidate who can write content in ‘HTML’. So to summarise we’re going to filter all of our Contact records by only those records in which the content of the ‘Skills’ Custom Field is ‘HTML’.

  • From the Dashboard go to the location of your desired records in this example we want to filter all Contact records so we will head to ‘Contacts’ panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Once on the Contact page you will see all of your Contact records, to filter this list simply click the Add filter button and in the drop-down menu look for the Custom Field you want to filter the list of records with
  • In this example, the Custom Field we’re filtering by is ‘Skills’ so we’ll click on it
  • Since we want only those records where the candidates are able to write programs in HTML we will type ‘HTML’ and then press enter to apply the filter to all of your Contact records, you’ll know its enabled as ‘HTML’ will appear in a bubble: skills: HTML
  • Now your list of records should be filtered down to only those who have HTML in their skills Custom Field

Filter records by custom fields in RealtimeCRM