How to find a Project by its Project number?

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Projects within RealtimeCRM have an associated Project number, when you click into a Project record you can clearly see the Project number at the top of the record or in list view you can see the Project number below the Project name as below where the Project ‘Market Analysis AI’ has the Project number ‘4’:

When you click into the Projects panel you will view all of your Projects in list view, and above them the search bar. In the search bar you can only search for the name of the Project not the Project number itself. So in order to locate a Project by its Project number you must use the filter option. We will demonstrate how to do this below.

Filtering your list of Projects by the Project Number

In this example we’re looking for Project number 4.

  • Click on the Projects panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Now click Add filter and from the drop-down menu which appears click ‘RealtimeCRM Project Identifier:’
  • Now simply enter the Project number of the Project you’re looking for, in this case we will type in ‘4’ and then press enter
  • Your list of records should now be filtered down to only Project #4