How to use RealtimeCRM's Purchase Orders with Xero

xero integrations purchase orders

What is Xero? Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution, allowing you to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing financial transactions. We recently implemented third party integration with Xero across RealtimeCRM’s Contact and Company records, if you would like to find out more about this new feature, you can visit our article on Xero integration here.

Why would I use them together?

RealtimeCRM allows you to store each Purchase Order’s information letting you look back at them to make sure the invoices you receive from suppliers are correct. It also allows you to therefore update the Purchase Order information in the future and record a history of what has taken place regarding the Purchase Order all in the same place.

When receiving an invoice from a supplier you will want to raise it in Xero for your own accounting records, here is how RealtimeCRM can aid you in this task.

  • From the Dashboard go to ‘Companies’ panel in the left hand sidebar then search for the relevant Supplier
  • Once you have found the Supplier scroll down and find the relevant Purchase Order for the invoice you’ve received under the Purchase Orders heading
  • Click on it and it will take you to the Purchase Order page
  • Check the details of the Purchase Order in RealtimeCRM against the details of the invoice you’ve received from the Supplier
  • If the invoice matches the details of the Purchase Order then you can proceed to go into Xero and raise the Purchase Order invoice as normal adding in the Purchase Order Number from RealtimeCRM into the description
  • The Purchase Order Number can be found at the top of the relevant Purchase Order page RealtimeCRM purchase order number
  • In our example we will be using Purchase Order #5 which is a monthly recurring Xero subscription for £20 and will enter it into the invoice in Xero as ‘PO#5’ as a reference back to RealtimeCRM Xero purchase order number from RealtimeCRM
  • Go back to the Purchase Order page in RealtimeCRM and add an Activity Note saying the Invoice has been raised in Xero Xero activity note for purchase order in RealtimeCRM

The advantage of using this process is that it lets you make sure there are no anomalous Supplier invoices, as well as allowing you to go back to that Purchase Order periodically to check the history of orders in the same location as that Supplier’s contact information. It is always important to have an audit trail and RealtimeCRM allows you to retain extra information via our activity notes so you are always informed as to what is happening.