How to view or filter Tasks

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The Tasks tab is a very useful way of seeing what you still need to complete or what has been completed. We have enabled you to filter by such things as: Completion, Company, Due date etc.

How do I view pending or completed Tasks?

  • Head to the ‘Tasks’ panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Once you are on the Tasks page simply click on Add filter and select ‘Completed’
  • Then you will be given two options ‘Completed: No’ for pending Tasks and ‘Completed: Yes’ for those Tasks you have accomplished

Completed tasks filter in RealtimeCRM

Task Status

Tasks status colours in RealtimeCRM

  • Green if 0-6 days until due (includes today)
  • Amber if 1 day overdue (yesterday)
  • Red if greater than 1 day overdue

Other ways to Filter Tasks

Often though we are not simply interested in all pending Tasks but a subset, within RealtimeCRM we allow you to use various filters to narrow down your to do list, for example Tasks relating to a specific Company.

  • Simply click Add filter again
  • You can then choose from all the other options such Due date, Company, Opportunity, Assignee, Project etc…
  • Once you have chosen your desired filter simply click on it for example. filtering by a specific Company
  • You can also remove any enabled filters at any time by clicking on them, they appear in a bubble to the left of the Add filter button, for example here is an enabled filter: Contact: Evangeline Mortimer Fitzgerald

Filter tasks by contact in RealtimeCRM