Managing Multiple Contacts


Managing the bulk of your Contacts is something we all find useful. RealtimeCRM enables you to record Activities and add Tags to all of your Contacts at once saving you from having to edit each Contact individually and thus creating time for meeting your Customer’s needs.

From the dashboard head to the Contacts page which is found on the left hand sidebar. Once on the Contacts page under the Contacts search bar is the ‘Manage Records’ option, click on that and a drop-down menu will appear. This drop-down menu displays options for you to add or remove Tags from all Contact records and to record Activity to all Contacts.

Adding and Removing the same Tag from all Contacts

In addition to adding and removing individual Tags from individual records you can also add and remove the same tag from all records.

Managing tags for selected records

  • From the Dashboard go to the list of records you wish to add or remove the tag from, in this example we will add and remove the Tag ‘Contract’ to all Contact records
  • Now click the check box next to the grey menu bar to select all Contact records
  • Next click the ‘Manage selected’ button and select ‘Manage tags for selected records’
  • A new dialog box should open enabling you to add or remove Tags

The tag manageement window

  • To add a Tag from all records simply type it into the box under the ‘Add tags’ heading and press enter, to add an existing Tag simply click the  symbol and select a Tag from the drop-down list
  • To remove a Tag from all records simply click the Remove button next to the Tag you wish to delete and it will be removed from all records it is assigned to
  • Once you’re happy with your modifications simply close the dialog box

Adding and removing tags in bulk

Note: To add or remove a Tag from a selection of records simply click the check box next to the relevant records and then follow the above procedure.

To record Activity to all Contacts

  • On the Contacts page please click ‘Manage Records’, a drop-down menu should appear
  • Please click ‘Add activity to these records’, a new menu window should appear
  • In this new menu window you can add an Activity in the usual manner selecting its Type and giving a brief description for future reference
  • Once you have filled in the relevant information click the Add button and now this new Activity will be recorded to every single Contact record

Adding activity to a group of contacts

Note: To record Activity to a selection of records simply click the check box next to the relevant records and follow the above procedure as usual.