Using maps in RealtimeCRM - filtering contacts and companies


Our goal has always been to provide as much useful information as possible to our users at a glance. This where our new Map feature comes into its own.

The further you zoom out on the Map the more of your Contacts or Companies will appear on the Map, and by extension the further you zoom into the Map the fewer Contacts or Companies will appear.

If you’re on the road visiting one client, we can tell you what other clients or prospects are nearby on Google Maps allowing you to make decisions about whether or not to hit two birds with one stone, and thereby maximise your time.

There’s no add-on and no integration. It comes out of the box with RealtimeCRM for both your Contact and Company records so long as they have a physical address associated with them. It’s incredibly powerful as you can filter the Map to find only those Contacts or Companies with the desired attributes to narrow down your search.

Using Maps and Filters in RealtimeCRM

In this example we’re going to be looking at our list of Companies on the Map but you can do this for your Contact records as well by following the instructions below except that you click on the ‘Map’ panel under the ‘Contacts’ Panel. So we’re going to be paying a visit to a client ‘Navadhanya Cambridge’. We also want to visit any prospects nearby so we’re going to filter the Map by the city ‘Cambridge’ and the tag ‘prospect’.

  • Click on the ‘Map’ panel under the ‘Companies’ panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Now you should see the Map appear, and if there are any Companies located on it then the location icons will fall onto the map corresponding to their address
  • To the right you should see the names of Companies currently appearing on the map. You can click on these to highlight them on the map and even click through to the Company record itself by clicking View record
  • In this example we want to visit any prospects new ‘Navadhanya Cambridge’. So the first filter we’ll apply is the ‘City’ filter
  • Click Add filter above the Map and then from the drop-down menu select ‘City:’ then type Cambridge and press enter to apply this filter
  • You should now see fewer location icons on the map and next to Add filter you should see City: Cambridge
  • Now apply the second filter by clicking Add filter again and from the drop-down menu select ‘Tag:’ and then select ‘Prospect’ from the list of existing tags. Alternatively, you can type out ‘Prospect’
  • The map should now be restricted to only those Company records who are based in Cambridge and are prospects. Furthermore the filter should look like this: ‘City: Cambridge’ and ‘Tag: Prospect’
  • Now click on the record(s) which appear on the Map to find their address to then go visit them. In this case there’s only one which meets our criteria ‘Chocolat Chocolat’

Filtering maps in RealtimeCRM