Searching your records with tags

search tags

Trying to find certain records or groups of records, when you have a large amount of them can be a time consuming process. Thankfully, being able to search and filter records with tags makes finding specific records, so much easier and much less demanding on your time.

In this example we will filter our list of Contact records by the tag ‘Marketing’.

  • Once On the Contacts page you will see a list of all Contact records, simply click Add filter and pick ‘Tag:’ from the drop-down options.
  • You can then pick from a list of previously created Tags, or simply type the specific tag in, this is helpful if you have a lot of Tags.
  • Once you’ve clicked the relevant Tag your records will be filtered down to only those which have been Tagged with ‘Marketing’ in this example
  • To deactivate the Tag and revert the list back to its original unfiltered state simply click the bubble the tag appears in, in this case: Tag: Marketing

Note: The tags feature is available for you Contact, Opportunities, Projects, Activities and Tasks records as well.