The Projects Pipeline


Project Pipeline overview

The Projects Pipeline

The Projects Pipeline is designed to make it easy for you to track the progress of your Projects at a glance. You can clearly see which Projects are nearing a close and which are languishing and therefore intervene to move them along.

You can also filter the Projects Pipeline by various criteria for example if you have multiple ongoing Projects with one customer you can filter the Projects Pipeline to only show those Projects and thus at what stage each respective Project is at.

The Pipeline view is intuitive and interactive, each circle represents a Project and the larger the circle the greater the value of the Project. By clicking on each Project you can view and edit its details and you can also drag it up or down the Pipeline to a new stage.

How do I filter the Projects Pipeline?

  • To begin click on the ‘Projects Pipeline’ panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Now click the Add filter button
  • A drop-down list of various filters will appear, in this example we will filter Projects by the total of value of the Project being greater than £100,000
  • So we will click on the filter ‘Value >’ and enter ‘100000’
  • Then simply press enter and the filter will be applied

Filtering project pipeline

Note: If you have more than one type of Project then you will notice the ‘Project Type’ filter already activated, all Projects conform to a pre-defined type which you can name. If the Project Type selected in the filter is not the one you want then simply click the Add filter button and select ‘Type’ and then from the list select the Project Type you wish to filter by. After that you can then further filter these Projects of a certain type down via the method described above.

How do I edit or change the order of Stages

Human error is a fact of life, perhaps when creating a new Project type you made a spelling error on a Stage or misplaced in the order it was meant to be in and so it doesn’t reflect your Project life cycle, fortunately correcting these errors can be done in minutes

  • Click on your Username in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu and then click the ‘Configuration’ panel on the left hand side
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Project Types’ heading
  • Find the Project Type you wish to edit by looking for its name
  • To move a Stage within your desired Project up or down the Pipeline simply click on the and drag it up or down into the position you desire and then it’ll be saved automatically as you let go of your mouse
  • To edit a Stage name or description simply click on it and a new dialog box will open, once satisfied with the modifications simply click the update button to save the changes

Edit and move stage in pipeline