The RealtimeCRM Favourites bar

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What are Favourites in RealtimeCRM For?

The Favourites list proves very useful for storing your most used RealtimeCRM features and records in one place. It is designed to save you time and be accessible anywhere in RealtimeCRM.

Why would I add individual Contacts or Companies to my Favourites?

Imagine you are doing a Campaign involving specific Contacts or Companies. Every time you Log In and go to update or view their information, you have to find their Record. Yes, this can be helped by custom fields or tags, but adding them to the Favourites Bar cuts that out completely. Instead, all you do is click on Favourites and those Records are right in front of you. Favourites are also easy to remove, so once that particular campaign is complete you can remove them with a single click of your mouse. Any page within RealtimeCRM can be added to the Favourites bar.

Favoriting filtered lists and tags

In RealtimeCRM you can favourite Lists and Tags. For example, imagine you’ve got a specific group of Tagged Contacts you’re in conversation with, let us imagine they have had the Tag ‘Marketing’ applied to them. You want to be able to see their Records at the touch of a button without having to filter all Records again and again. You can do this by filtering all Contact records by the Tag ‘Marketing’ once and adding the resulting filtered list to your Favourites bar. Now every time you want to view that filtered list of Contacts, you only need look in your Favourites Bar.

Storing views as a Favourite

  • From the Dashboard go to the Contacts page from the left hand side
  • Select your desired Contact, in our example we will select the Contact record ‘John Doe’
  • Once you are on the Contact’s page, look over to the left hand menu to where it says ‘Favourites’
  • Next to the Favourites heading, there is a little downwards pointing arrow
  • If you click on Favourites, it will drop-down revealing a blue ‘+Add’ button
  • Making sure you’re still on the desired Contact’s page, click the ‘+Add’ button and that record will now appear in your list of Favourites which you can access anywhere inside RealtimeCRM

Adding a favourite in RealtimeCRM

Tip: If you want to edit a Favourite’s name, click the  icon next to it. If you want to remove a Favourite, click the  that is next to the spanner.

Sorting your favourites

Within RealtimeCRM you have the ability to organise the way your favourites appear in the drop-down. Perhaps you want them in order of importance or even alphabetically, follow the instructions below to find out how.

  • From the Dashboard click on your Username in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down
  • You will then be taken to the My Profile Settings page
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Change Order of Favourites’ heading
  • Your cursor should turn into an image of an up down arrow symbol as you hover over the  symbol next to each page in the Favourites list
  • All you have to do to change the order of your favourites list is to click and drag it up or down accordingly

Change order of favourites in RealtimeCRM

Note: The process of adding a Favourite, is the same throughout RealtimeCRM, whether it’s a whole section or an individual Record.