dashboard widgets

Add widget button

Widgets are a key component in customising your Dashboard. They provide a snapshot of the status of your data and key features within RealtimeCRM. We allow for Users to remove or add as many Widgets as they desire to tailor the Dashboard to their needs as we recognise different people within your organisation will be focusing on different aspects of the business and so it makes sense to allow different information to be displayed to different people.

Our Widgets can be managed right from the Dashboard. We will go through some of the available Widgets below and their usefulness to you but we encourage you to try them out for yourself to see which ones you prefer.

How to add or remove a Widget

  • To add any Widget simply click Add Widget
  • Then click on the name of your desired Widget. It will be immediately added to your Dashboard
  • To remove any widget simply locate it on your Dashboard and click the cross to the right of its name

How to organise your Widgets

Once you’ve got all of the Widgets that you need you can arrange them in a way that suits you. Simply drag and drop each widget to its desired location. Don’t worry, even when you view the Dashboard on mobile and small screen devices, it will continue to flow in a way that prioritises the information that you have set as important.

The Welcome Widget

Welcome to RT widget

We wanted to make sure our users weren’t thrown in at the deep end, without any in-app supports so we created the Welcome Widget. Giving you tips on getting started, as well as offering interactive tutorials of all of RealtimeCRM’s must know features. It walks you through the basic actions available to you from how to add a Company to how to filter your records. To make use of it simply click on a topic that you wish to learn about such as how to add a user and then follow the on-screen instructions.

The My Tasks Widget

My Task Widget

The ‘My Tasks’ Widget displays all of your outstanding and completed Tasks at a glance, so as soon as you sign into RealtimeCRM you you know what you have to do and by when.

This though is not simply an informational widget but you can add new Personal Tasks by clicking Add right from the Dashboard and then entering the relevant Task information as usual. You can also change the status of a Personal Task to complete by clicking the  button.

The Overview Widgets

The Overview Widgets enable you to quickly view a summary of your business activity, you can of course pick and choose which Overview you wish to see on your Dashboard depending on what information is relevant to accomplishing your role within your organisation.

An Overview which we would highlight is the Opportunities Overview because over time all of your prospective sales opportunities may become a blur and you may not be aware of your success rate. The Opportunities Overview Widget focuses your mind and allows you to see if changes need to be made if your Opportunities aren’t being turned into final sales.