Xero Integration

xero integrations

Use the power of Xero from inside RealtimeCRM

Both Xero and RealtimeCRM provide you with the ability to keep on top of your business workload and remain up to date. Securely accessible from anywhere, the combination of RealtimeCRM and Xero provides you with a great combined CRM and accounts management utility.

Integrating Xero with RealtimeCRM is easy

Firstly set up your Xero RealtimeCRM accounts. You can then visit your new RealtimeCRM account to begin the integration progress. It only takes a moment and the easy to follow steps can be found on our support pages.

Once you’re integrated you can look forward to gaining access to the following helpful features:

Search and Import from Xero

Because both RealtimeCRM and Xero are linked you are able to easily pull information into RealtimeCRM while keeping Xero up to date. You are able to import contacts by Name or Xero company record number to create a bespoke connection. Additionally - and this is ideal if you’re just setting up - you can import all contacts.

View Contact balances straight from their record

If you are working with a long term, well known client you may find that you don’t check their financial status as often as you should. Once integrated with Xero, RealtimeCRM allows you to easily see the balance receivable and balance payable for any record that you have linked, as you pass-by and work with them on other things.

Get Started

To get started, simply sign up for your Xero account if you don’t already have one. You can then sign up for RealtimeCRM - and don’t forget our free forever first user promise! - and begin the integration process. We’re there to help you every step of the way with our support team if you need any help.