Zoho CRM Alternative

Despite becoming a market leader in CRM software through their low cost base, their product is not for everyone and looking at RealtimeCRM - particularly the RT Professional and RT Enterprise plans - makes good business sense.

Here are some of the reasons to use RealtimeCRM in place of Zoho:

  • True customisation: RealtimeCRM develops a specific solution based on your company's exact needs, not the closest customisation or configuration match that can be applied to a module.
  • Faster working: Running your own CRM instance provides you with much more power resulting in better processing speed, faster working and more efficiency
  • Improved customer relationship: Zoho works through partners and offshore support engineers. Instead of dealing with unknown third-parties you will instead enjoy working directly with a hands-on development team to get exactly what you need.

How do we compare on pricing???

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By choosing RT Enterprise over Salesforce you could save over £1,500 in licencing costs, based on a 25 user team. There's also no extra cost for support and there a no third party developers to engage with, keeping costs down.

  RT Enterprise
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Licence cost Say you’re a team of 25, with RT enterprise the total cost of your licences would be £1,495 + VAT monthly which includes sales and customer support. That's the same cost regardless of the number of users. Zoho are very price competitive but even for 25 users you are looking at around £1,300 + VAT per month. For more than 29 users they are more expensive. Still, you will need to get a quote as there are various add-ons and limits such as backups and support.
Sales & Service It's simple: Support and access to our support database are all included in your licence fee. Depending on the pricing plan that you go for there may be a significant cost for accessing support through Zoho. This can be made clear via a quote but could be up to 25% of the license cost.
Customisation All development takes place with our in house developers. You know who to reach out to and because we wrote the code we understand how everything works. Furthermore, you are not constrained by working within a common framework - we can actually make code changes to provide the exact functionality that you need. The platform is configurable but may still require the user or third party developers for the more complex requirements. Furthermore, changes to Zoho are still made within the framework and never at the code level. This might mean that your final solution may not meet all of your requirements or, if does, may be slow or complex to operate.

More good reasons to choose us

  • Fully maintained code including applying security updates
  • Email and chat with our support team to help sort problems
  • Dedicated hosting environment to ensure peak performance
  • Sandbox environment for training, testing and evaluation
  • We take time to understand your business
  • Documented output from our initial engagement process
  • Easy access to your data and cancellation if you need to
  • Daily data backups and system performance monitoring
  • No lock-in contracts, you are free to cancel at any time
  • Access to your account manager to discuss enhancements

Got further questions?

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