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What is a CRM?

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It’s Okay to ask … really.

Let’s just assume for a moment that you keep coming across this term “CRM” and reading how wonderful they are and how your business must have one. Don’t worry, you don’t need to worry about admitting that you’ve been in business for years and never used one: the question is valid for existing and new business alike.

Let’s see if we can help by providing a textbook answer and letting you know how it could bring value to your business.

CRM as a process

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a process by which your business interacts with its prospects and existing customers. You do this in order to provide the best service or product for them. The goal may not simply be profit maximisation but could be for sales maximisation, support value or even moving users from competitors.

Trust me, you will already have a process whether you know it or not! It might be worth challenging yourself to write down the flow of where, when and how you interact with customers and clients. You might surprise yourself with the outcome: it might be a smooth process, it might not be, but it’s a fair bet to say it will be complex with lots of different communication channels involved.

Overview of a CRM

It’s useful as a business to develop a plan of how these interactions work and what each step in the process (a “touch point”) looks like. You can then drill down to start thinking about what information you need for each touch point to ensure you are able to maximise your strategy.

That is the CRM process.

what is a crm

CRM is more than software

Most people immediately think of CRM as software. While this is true, the software is there to support your company’s CRM process as described above. It allows you to store the necessary information, plan touchpoints and record outcomes.

The best CRM software is logically something that allows you to meet these objectives by storing and recalling the appropriate information and history. RealtimeCRM is a great starting point for a business as it allows you to customise the data that is collected, is designed to be industry agnostic and has a pleasing, easy to follow interface.

So next time someone hits you with the need for a CRM you can at least say you know what one is - and with RealtimeCRM’s help you’ll already have one up and running.

Note: If you’d like a guide on how to get up and running with RealtimeCRM in 5 easy steps drop me an email to [email protected] and I’ll send you one.

Good luck in your business.