Filtering records in RealtimeCRM

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What is Filtering and why is it useful?

The function of the filter box is to limit what records are shown in the list below by grouping and sorting them by some attribute common to all of them. An example of an attribute you can filter Company records by is the Country that firm is based in.

Filtering is a powerful tool in grouping records to make use of them, you can set multiple conditions for example, perhaps you wish to create an e-mail campaign to promote workshops for your product. You could therefore filter your list of Contacts by their location, say within twenty miles of your offices and then add this filtered list of Contacts to your Favourites ready for the future e-mail campaign.

How to add or remove Filter(s)

You can filter more than simply Contact and Company records but your Opportunities, Activities and Projects as well.

  • Simply click on Add filter in whatever section of RealtimeCRM you are on, in this case we will assume Companies
  • The Filter box should appear displaying a list of Filters you can apply to your records
  • Simply click on your desired Filter, in this case let us assume the filter is ‘City’ and then all you have to do is type in the city name, in this example we will use ‘Cambridge’ and then press enter and your list of Companies should be narrowed down to those based in Cambridge, you’ll also notice that the active filter will appear in a bubble City: Cambridge
  • If you want to remove the filter simply click on the bubble and it will be removed and your list revert to its original state as the filter is no longer applied to it.
  • To add another filter to your Company records in addition to filtering by City, simply click Add filter again and use the same process as above to select another filter and you will have a list of records grouped by multiple conditions

Filter records by a single tag in RealtimeCRM

Note: If you are using multiple filter types, RealtimeCRM only uses the “and” operator currently but if you are filtering by multiple Tags then RealtimeCRM will use the “or” operator.